Delve into the heart of Morocco's rich musical traditions with our hands-on Gnawa workshop. Led by a "Maâlem" (Master) musician in his intimate riad-workshop, you'll be immersed in the captivating rhythms and melodies of this ancient, trance-inducing music.Feel the pulse of the krakebs -castanets- and the soulful resonance of the guembri -bass lute- as you learn the fundamentals of Gnawa music. Discover the cultural significance and spiritual depth behind this unique art form, and experience the power of its mesmerizing rhythms firsthand.Whether you're a seasoned musician or a curious traveler, this workshop offers a rare opportunity to connect with Morocco's vibrant musical heritage. Join us for awesome appreciation for the magic of Gnawa music by listening to a sample led by one of the few "Maâlemat" (Female Master) group leaders, Asmaa El Hamzaoui, and her all-female musical ensemble called Bnat Toumbouktou. Let their music transport your soul to the mystical city of Essaouira. "Sandia"

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