Tanjia, a traditional Moroccan slow-cooked meat stew, is a Marrakech specialty. Its name comes from the clay pot used in its preparation. The dish has a rich history dating back centuries. Often served with bread, the Marrakchis love the tender, spice-infused meat of this famous dish.Your clients will have an incredible hands-on experience making this popular dish. They'll start by shopping for fresh ingredients in the vibrant “Souk Ableuh” marketplace in Medina. Following that, they'll head to the House Kitchen of a traditional Moroccan cook (Dada), where they'll be taught preparation methods before sealing their Tanjia in a clay pot. Clients will then carry their pot to the communal oven in the heart of the medina for slow cooking. Finally, they'll return to the oven, retrieve their Tanjia, and bring it back to the Dada's home to gather around a traditional Moroccan table for Diner and indulge in the delectable flavors of Tanjia to enjoy a delicious meal together.

This experience offers an immersive look at Moroccan culinary traditions of Marrakech and a chance to connect with the local community. It's a delicious, memorable adventure!

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