Spotlight on Amal Association and Education for All

In the wake of the recent earthquake, the resilience and spirit of the Moroccan people have been evident, with numerous NGOs and organizations stepping up to offer crucial support. We'd like to highlight two outstanding organizations making significant impacts in their communities.

Amal Association: Empowering Women and Providing Essential Aid

Firstly, the Amal Association, a Marrakech-based nonprofit, has been instrumental in supporting disadvantaged women by equipping them with technical and training skills. In partnership with the World Central Kitchen, they've mobilized resources for some of the hardest-hit villages in the Atlas region, including those cut off by road. In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, their volunteers prepared thousands of sandwiches for delivery to mountain villagers. As needs evolve, they now focus on collecting donations for warm clothes and winter gear. We highly recommend our clients visit Amal Association for lunches or cooking workshops during their stay in Marrakech, as it's not only a unique culinary experience but also a way to support a valuable cause.

Education for All: Ensuring Education for Rural Girls

Our second spotlight shines on Education for All, based in the Atlas Mountains. This NGO is dedicated to educating girls from rural communities, providing them with boarding houses, meals, lodging, study support, and computer access to enable secondary education opportunities they might otherwise miss. The recent earthquake damaged many of their facilities, impacting both the boarding houses and the homes of the girls they serve. They are currently fundraising to repair these damages, ensuring that these young women have a stable and secure environment to continue their education.

How Travelers Can Contribute

Both organizations represent the incredible work being done across Morocco to rebuild and support communities in the aftermath of the earthquake. For travelers looking to make a meaningful impact during their visit, engaging with these NGOs offers a direct avenue to contribute, whether through donations or by participating in programs like cooking workshops at Amal Association. Such interactions not only enrich your travel experience but also support vital recovery and empowerment efforts in the region.

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