Unforgettable Moroccan Adventure with Experience Morocco

“The trip was fantastic! The activities were wonderfully organized and each one was better than the next. All the logistics were so smooth as we moved from place to place. Our accommodations (mostly Riads) were spot on for what we were looking for -- homey, genuine/authentic, and caretaking. We really feel like we got to be part of Morocco for two weeks in a way we rarely have on any vacation. That is in no small part due to our amazing guide, Mohammed Ahrize, who deserves special mention. He was extremely informative, helped us understand and get the most out of every place we went to (including some unplanned stops), and did a great job of both giving us our time and keeping us moving. Not to mention that he is overall just a wonderful man. We will all never forget him. We also had a great experience with our driver, Majid, who was also so so kindly. He really was part of our group, too; it was like one big happy travel team. Thank you Experience Morocco!!!” Doron S.

A Family Journey to Remember

“We thoroughly enjoyed our 10 day family trip to Morocco that was planned for us by Experience Morocco. Everything was well organized and ran smoothly -- from the documents they provided before the trip to our driver and guide always arriving to take us places ahead of time! We loved the accommodations Experience Morocco found for us, which were all high quality and conveniently located Riads. Our guide and driver were both top notch -- personable, knowledgeable, and flexible. They made our trip extra special. Additionally, the various excursions Experience Morocco arranged for us were wonderful too -- from a day trip to Essaouira, to the street food tour in Fes, to the sunrise balloon ride near the mountains outside of Marrakech, which was stunning. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Experience Morocco to anyone!” Deborah E.

The Best Trip Ever: Tailored and Hassle-Free

“Best trip ever! We are experienced travelers, but using the team of Fontaine Travel and Experience Morocco to plan/organize our trip opened our eyes to how much better a professionally organized trip can be. They attended to absolutely every detail so that we didn't have to worry about anything and could enjoy the beauty of Morocco's ancient treasures. The itinerary was setup in a clever way to maximize the different cities we could visit within a week, toggling between crazy market days to serene mountain treks and desert excursions, and doing it in comfort and security. We had tours of the main attractions as well as those off the beaten path, which together contributed to an unbelievable learning experience for everyone in the family. My wife enjoyed the wine tour, my daughter got to experience pottery making at the Ceramic school, my son loved driving the ATV in the Agafay desert, and everyone enjoyed the sunset camel ride. As the one who normally rents cars, worries about hotel and restaurant reservations, and otherwise attends to all logistical challenges, I didn't have to do any of that! For the first time I can think of, I could enjoy the trip as much as the rest of my family. Kudos to Heidi at Fontaine and the brilliant team at Experience Morocco who 'taught this old dog new tricks.' I don't think I'll travel any other way from here on out.” Jeff M.

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