As usual, we're delighted to share recent feedback and stories in this month's Voice of Our Travelers section.

Exceptional Service and Support

"My clients raved about their guide, Ahmed, and all the drivers for their trip! They absolutely loved the itinerary curated by Experience Morocco. From the perspective of a travel advisor, Sara was amazing to work with along with the entire team at Experience Morocco. We had many versions of this itinerary as the client made many changes to their itinerary but Experience Morocco was incredibly patient with all the changes. Experience Morocco also scheduled a call with my clients and me to review their itinerary day by day and answer all my client's questions. I can't say enough good things about Experience Morocco!" Lisa K.

Unforgettable Journey: A Moroccan Adventure

"Experience Morocco was just a phenomenal and life changing 14 days of my life. Amal and Imane knocked it out of the park, with the selected Riads, cooking and pottery class. From start to finish beginning with the pickup at the airport by Mohamed B., who was more than just our driver/trip captain. He took the time to ask us about our likes and dislikes with food, which we didn’t have any dislikes we were opened to try everything. Which led to some incredible restaurants and hidden gems, mom & pop places that only locals would know about. Because I’m an amateur photographer Mohamed made extra stops for me to take breath taking shots with my camera. He gave us a history of Morocco that was far beyond what a classroom could have taught. He made sure we were happy which was easy because we want to learn everything about Morocco. He ensured that our accommodations were ready for our arrival. We connected with Mohamed B. and it is because of him that our trip of a lifetime was so special . We absolutely loved the drives between locations as much as anything because we could pick his brain about Morocco, the culture and the people. I recommend him 100% and when I return with my son it will be with Mohamed B. Our city guides were also remarkable Mohamed #2 in Casablanca, Mohamed #3 in Chefchaouen, Anwar in Fes and Kamal A. In Marrakech my personal favorite all took us on extraordinary walks and cultural experiences. My only wish is that my 15 day experience was longer. I have traveled extensively throughout the United States and Western Europe, never have I had an experience like Morocco. A+ and then some." Constance A & Stacey M.

Unforgettable Family Adventure in Marrakech

"Visiting Marrakech was one of the most memorable trips our family has taken. The people were so hospitable. The food was fantastic. The culture is so interesting and the variety of things to do here was vast. From before even landing in Marrakech, our driver Mohamed was in tune with our arrival. He coordinated every detail with our Riad, tour guide, restaurant reservations and took charge when a change had to be made. He was super accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable of the area. Our tour guide Kamal was also a pleasure. His knowledge of his city and culture was so informative. We trusted him to take us to the right places that we must do and see. All the sights in a very calm way. Add the fact that his history was expansive, we learned and will remember our experience with him. Experience Morocco only used high end partners that equaled the service Mohamed and Kamal offered. A FANTASTIC ADVENTURE!!!" Patricia H.

Heading 3

Heading 4

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