A Memorable Exploration of Morocco

“We had an amazing tour of Morocco November 4-11 and felt completely safe. The war in the Middle East is not affecting Morocco at all, did not affect our trip.

Discovering Ancient Wonders: Volubilis

Volubilus was very interesting and worth going to, we were so happy to have had that stop on the way to Fes.

A Dive into Traditional Craftsmanship: The Pottery Studio

We loved going to the pottery studio and learning all about how the mosaics are made—it definitely helped us appreciate the beauty of the walls everywhere we went.

Guided by Knowledge: Zara in Fes

Zara, our guide in Fes, was knowledgeable, warm, welcoming and generous. She taught us so much about the city and its history as well as sharing current-day customs and how they evolved from traditional customs.

A Culinary Journey with Ahmed Hilal

Ahmed Hilal, our guide for our first hike to the Berber home for lunch, he guided us confidently. He was respectful and personable. He told us his first degree was culinary and shared a recipe for Pastilla which we told him had become our favorite dish.

Warm Hospitality of the Berber Family

The Berber family we ate with were equally warm and the food was wonderful.

The Charm of Marrakech with Ahmed

Ahmed in Marrakech was very funny and personable, also knowledgeable about the city and its history.

Insights into Resilience with Rasheed

Rasheed was incredibly friendly— He helped us understand the extent of the earthquake damage in that area and his humanity came through beautifully.

Enchantment at the YSL Museum and Marjorelle Gardens

Lunch in the High Atlas was also great. We loved the YSL museum and Marjorelle gardens.

Exceptional Guidance from Nour Eddine

I’ve saved the best for last: Nour Eddine!  Nour Eddine was AMAZING! Better than that! INCREDIBLE! He really just made the whole week go smoothly, and made sure we were comfortable and felt safe and cared for every step of the way. The never ending supply of water and snacks was appreciated. He checked in on our comfort constantly and made sure we knew we could call him at any point if we needed help—even at night. He gave us advice and tips and was so lovely to spend time with.

A Lasting Impression

Mostly, it’s his personality—warm, caring, passionate and ever-smiling that made the trip so wonderful. When (not if!) we come back, we certainly would want to be with Nour Eddine again! Overall we were so very happy and cannot wait to return!”

Heading 3

Heading 4

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